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    Be more competitive by Saving more Time, More Cost and More Resources.

    Service Order & Preventive Maintenance System

    This is the perfect solution for any business looking to streamline their service and maintenance operations. Our system offers comprehensive tracking of all service orders and preventive maintenance tasks, giving you the ability to assign, schedule, and track tasks as well as store all relevant service order/maintenance information.


    With our system, you can automate preventive maintenance tasks and ensure that all necessary maintenance is performed on time and within budget. Our system also offers easy reporting and analytics capabilities to help you track performance, improve processes, and make data-driven decisions. With our System, you’ll have full visibility into your operations and the tools to ensure that all service and maintenance tasks are completed efficiently and effectively.

    We solve ONE problem for the Property Developer

    Our software solution can help Property Developers manage a thousand units of properties without expending additional administrative staff. Our system is designed to save time and money, automating billing, reporting, and other administrative tasks. Our user-friendly dashboards allow you to keep track of every aspect of your business, quickly and accurately. 

    With our software solution, you can manage 3000 units of houses with the same amount of administrative staff you manage 300 houses with now. That means that you can increase the size of your business without significantly increasing overhead costs.

    A Must-Have Tool for Order Taking

    A salesperson can access real-time stock balance and flexible pricing options are accommodated. Sales Order Management is seamlessly integrated with your accounting system with information about customers, products and historical information so that you can enter orders quickly and accurately.


    You can eliminate costly errors in order entries due to manual handling and speed up processing times. Our Sales Ordering System also can help free up time as you no longer need to re-enter sales orders into your accounting/ERP System. Sevengee Sales Ordering System is integrated with your existing accounting systems to auto create delivery orders and invoices. As a result, your sales team and office admin team may spend more time on important tasks, which will in turn lead to improved customer satisfaction.

    Save Money

    Uses IT System to save your processing and operational costs

    Save Resources

    IT System helps to reduce the manpower in operation

    Save Time

    IT System may cut down your processing and lead time

    Save Space

    Adopting paperless office to save paper and storage spaces

    We Made You More Competitive

    Take Total Ownership of Your Events and

    Your Customers Data

    TIX ACCESS is a simple on-premises-based Event Ticketing and Mobile Check-in System; Generate a QR Code ticket, email the ticket to your guest, and use any mobile phone to scan the QR Code for check-in during the Event. 

    Stay current with business technology trend

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    AI Recruitment Management System for Job Agencies

    AI-based centralized platform/ecosystem for all your local and remote consultants to carry out their daily recruitment activities more intelligently. It also provides a centralized database to safe keeping all your talents’ profile, uses Artificial Intelligence technologies for smart auto job matching based on the industrial domain knowledge

    Become a more cyber resilient Company today

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    Go Paperless 

    with our Document Approval and Archiving System


    Determining the Right Solution

    The platform that you deploy should address and solve your unique business needs and challenges

    Starting the Digitizing Process

    With the help of your solutions provider, you can work on a strategy to tackle the digitizing process that can then be implemented as best practices for employees

    Instilling Change Management

    Help your team understand the need for change and how a new system helps them become more productive, impactful and valuable in their work

    Make the Transition Gradual

    It should be a slow, gradual process. have some paperless systems work in tandem with your old systems during the adjustment period

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