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    Smart Recruitment Management System

    For Job Agencies and HR Departments

    Challenges Faced By Recruitment Agencies and HR Departments In KL & Around The World

    The rising demand for adequate talent has led to the growth of recruitment agencies that specialize in hunting the best candidates for companies. These play a crucial role in the job sector by helping companies find eligible candidates for their organizations and employees landing their dream jobs. However, with the changing work dynamics and the increasing search for better job opportunities, the work of recruitment agencies has become difficult. They have a huge responsibility of bridging the gap between organizations and eligible candidates in a dynamic work environment. Keeping up to date with the ever-changing work dynamics can be difficult for them. Here are some challenges that recruitment agencies face and how they can overcome them.







    Sevengee Recruitment FEATURES

    Recent years have seen a rising demand for skilled employees and good job opportunities. For recruiting companies in KL to strike a balance between demand and supply, they need to come up with innovative ideas and strategies that meet the needs of an increasing fast-paced business sector.

    Embedded AI Technologies

    Online Application and Assessment

    Activities Monitoring

    Quota, Commission and Pipeline

    Teamwork Management

    SOFTWARE Solutions IN KL

    Sevengee Recruit is an AI-based centralized platform/ecosystem for all your local and remote consultants to carry out their daily recruitment activities more intelligently. It also provides a centralized database to safely store all your talents’ profile, uses Artificial Intelligence technologies for smart auto job matching based on the industrial domain knowledge.


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    How Sevengee Recruit may help in your business?

    Our System is trying to solve 4 of the biggest challenges we heard from many recruitment managers:

    1. They don’t know how well their recruiters are doing. Are they working hard enough? Can they manage their recruiters remotely and efficiently?

    2. They don't know the progress of the key accounts’ open job postings. How many new jobs created today? How many new candidates being acquired today? How many CVs submitted to the clients today?

    3. How can they save time in reading, importing and screening all Jobstreet’s applications and CVs?

    4. How can they build, grow and manage their talent database in-house? And have a tool to do a quick profiling search and auto job match with their talent database?

    How much does the Sevengee Recruit cost?

    The cost based on the number of salesperson you have. We have 2 packages:

    1. For 1-10 Recruiters/Consultants.

    2. For unlimited Recruiters/Consultants The reason we have 1-10 salesperson package is to allow any companies to have a low entry cost.

    How long does it take to implement Sevengee Recruit?

    It will take about 2-3 weeks to do minor customization and system deployment.


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